Virtual Personal Concierge Services

The world looks very different right now from how it did just a few short weeks ago, but the good news is there are still many things we can help you with from behind a desk via our provision of virtual personal concierge services.

Virtual Problem Solving and Administrative Support

We can provide you with true value by assisting you with time-consuming and possibly frustrating administrative tasks.

This could include sorting out billing issues, insurance queries, banking issues, annual registrations and renewals plus many aspects of small business administration (with credit control a specialty).  Think how much time you could save handing all of that over to us!

We work with a wide range of different companies that we can bring in to assist you, from foreign currency specialists, lawyers, media companies, removal firms, translators, building contractors, gardeners, cleaners, relocation companies, security companies…The list really is pretty much endless.

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Virtual Property Services

We can still visit client site during lockdown for essential tasks as well as offering virtual services and as it eases, it could be that you need somebody to pop in to any empty properties to check that there are no problems.

You might need us to help you manage your rental property or second home.

You could be making a list of repairs and improvements that you have been putting off.  Or you might be spending time planning a big and exciting refurbishment to a property that will need managing once lockdown is relaxed.

Please take a look at our virtual personal concierge offer and do let us know if we can help you with anything at all. That’s what we are here for. Stay safe everyone!

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