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One of our first ever personal concierge projects was a property project, helping a client to move house.  As we all know, the whole process can be a total pain from start to finish.

If you engage a personal concierge to take it over for you, you can save yourself a lot of time, stress and aggravation.

Our client at the time was just so busy at work she didn’t have time for all the organisation and admin that needs to happen prior to, during or after a move.

The first thing to do was sort out all of the changes of addresses, to make sure existing accounts and policies began on the move in date (council tax, water, gas, electricity, tv and broadband, phone, DVLA etc) and any new ones were set up.  We switched over the various insurances, and set up transit insurance cover for removal day.  This insurance can be overlooked but is in our view, vital.

property concierge

Moving house doesn’t need to be a headache! We can take the pain away. Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

We found the removal company (we highly recommend Rocketvan; great name, great service) who delivered packing materials ahead of the move, packed everything up and arranged the parking at both ends with the local authority and got the client moved in.

A new property might not be left in the best condition before you move in and we can arrange a deep clean, pre-occupancy so that all you need to do is to unpack (or ask us to!) and get everything how you want it, ready to settle in.

If you are moving to a new area, it may be that you would would like to find out more about what’s on offer in your new locale; that cosy coffee shop, cool yoga group, quirky cocktail bar…We think of this as our ‘after-care’ concierge service, to make sure you feel at home not only in your new house, but in your new area too.

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