Party Time!

Party Time

We are currently organising a 50th birthday party for a client.  This is an ideal task for a personal concierge to undertake for those with busy lifestyles. Sometimes just knowing where to start is impossible. It’s always nice to be asked to help with an event and the first step is to send over a stack of options so that a client can see what they actually don’t want, which is always a good start; narrow it down as far as you can and go from there.

We are down to two options which are either making this a London-based bash or going a bit farther afield and choosing somewhere with more of a festival feel.

Since the rise of the music festival there are so many options to go for now if an outdoorsy option is the preference.  You can hire ‘party fields’ that come in all different shapes and sizes.  Often, you have the freedom to arrange BBQs or hog roasts etc. and to sort out your own bar and music.  The downside of these can be that there is quite often a restriction on amplified music, with the cut off time being around 11pm which might be a bit early for some, who want more of a real festival feel, staying up until the wee small hours listening to music round the campfire. Obviously, the weather here is a major factor as is accommodation…The rural setting would mean that there probably wouldn’t be many hotels or b&bs up for grabs, nor taxi services to the nearest large town and camping is not for everyone!

Glamping would be the obvious choice if the former is a bit rough and ready for some. Here again, there is a lot of choice, with some companies taking care of food, drinks and even some entertainment.

To get an idea, you can see some examples here:

For parties in London, one great advantage is that in some areas pubs are closed at the weekends but available for private hire on Saturdays so you could end up with an entire pub to yourselves for your party. This is something we’ve explored before and it was a whole lot of fun.

Party Time

Finishing touches before the guests arrive



Party Time

A very pretty room for a party




These can be nice, relaxed, affairs. Often you can decorate the space as you wish and choose your own playlist for the music or hire in your own DJ. One great plus is that in most circumstances, there is no actual venue hire fee but instead, a minimum spend at the bar. If you are after a more upmarket scene, then many of London’s private drinking clubs have some lovely spaces available for private hire, many with roof top bars for a bit of extra pizzazz.

There is a good site by which has pretty much something for everyone. So many parties, so little time!

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