Christmas really is just around the corner now.   If you are feeling overwhelmed by it all already, it might be a good idea to hand over your festive to-do list to a personal concierge.  We are here to help Price & Price London Concierge Services

It can be very time consuming and of course, a pretty expensive time of year. Here are a few money saving tips from Cosmopolitan magazine (my personal favourite is the make your own ‘Guess Who’ game):

1. Consider a cashback credit card explains that cashback credit cards mean that with every purchase you make, you get a percentage (typically 5%) back, which makes your shopping instantly cheaper without even looking at a discount code. Make sure you set up a direct debit to repay it in full every month though, because otherwise you could be paying around 23% back in interest – which makes the 5% saving look measly.

2. Look to buy online

Yes yes so you love the Christmas displays and being in a department store in December, but there is absolutely no denying you could probably find whatever you’re shopping for, cheaper online. Try Amazon for a lot of stuff, or at least Google the thing you’re after in-store online just to make sure they haven’t added a massive markup. Go direct to the brand’s website as opposed to a department store.

3. Don’t be a snob

Taking pride in buying presents is no bad thing, but don’t feel like you’re gonna be judged entirely on the price tag of whatever you’re gifting – sometimes the best presents are homemade, thoughtful things that remind you of each other. Whether that means personalised ‘Guess Who’ (side note: AMAZING) or a batch of homemade brownies, there are so many options.

4.Use your loyalty cards

An obvious but important one – why have a Boots Advantage/Tesco Clubcard/Sainsbury’s Nectar if you never claim the points you save? Save it all year and by Christmas, you’ll have a decent amount in cash to spend – or, convert it into vouchers to spend at the specific store and they often give you more.

5. Don’t overbuy food

Whilst you might love a turkey sandwich on Boxing Day, there is such a thing as buying too much Christmas food (we know, we know, sounds like sacrilege). Check out Love Food Hate Waste, because it’ll help you get perfect portion sizes (even if you chuck a couple of extra roast potatoes in anyway) and waste less food, which is not only good for your pocket, but the environment too.

6. Be organised

Make a list of all the people you need to buy for and what you want to get them, because it will help avoid a mad rush the week before Christmas picking up anything and everything from the shopping mall shelves. Plus, this way you won’t end up spending £££ when Sally from next door invites you round for tea – because if you weren’t gonna get her a present originally, you don’t have to panic buy her one at the last minute.

7. Use voucher codes

With Christmas comes endless socialising, endless shopping and endless money leaving your purse, which is why signing up to a couple of voucher code sites or scouring the web before agreeing to evenings out or buying any gifts is a good idea. is great for discounts on dinner and brands, and they often have exclusive deals that you can’t get anywhere else.



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