Meet George the cat, a new addition to our varied concierge duties.  We have been asked to take care of him for a few weeks a month while his owner works overseas. It’s a lovely job.

We feed him, tidy his litter tray (less lovely) and play with him for a while. He has a very sweet nature which helps.


He loves a bit of fuss


And playing with my jacket

I grew up around cats so I am used to their ways and wiles.  Why is it though, that they love laptops and keyboards so very much?


Loving the laptop


George was new to his home when we started to look after him so we were able to help him settle in.  The owner firmly believes (as do we) that cats are outdoor creatures and should be able to roam freely.  So, the first job was to find a cat flap and get it installed.

I would thoroughly recommend Hunters Glass for the installation.  They were really efficient, friendly, reasonably priced and were also able to give good suggestions for which cat flap to use so we went with this one which seemed like a safe bet

Back home safe, a bit dazed and confused

There is never a dull moment with a pet, mind you.  Not long ago, this silly cat went a little too far on his travels and ended up lost.  He was handed in to the local vet (thank you, whoever you were) and is now safely back home…

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