Cat Concierge

By Liz | June 8, 2019

Meet George the cat, a new addition to our varied concierge duties.  We have been asked to take care of him for a few weeks a month while his owner works overseas. It’s a lovely…

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Property Concierge

By Liz | April 30, 2019

One of our first ever projects was helping a client to move house.  As we all know, the whole process can be a total pain from start to finish. If you engage a personal concierge…

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Party Time!

By Liz | March 10, 2019

We are currently organising a 50th birthday party for a client.  This is an ideal task for a personal concierge to undertake for those with busy lifestyles. Sometimes just knowing where to start is impossible.…

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Green Wall

By Liz | February 7, 2019

Green walls, or living walls as they are sometimes known, seem to be having a moment.  You can find them all over London in outdoor and indoor spaces.  The one located near the new development…

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The ATOPOS Paper Dress Collection

By Liz | January 23, 2019

There are always so many brilliant and interesting things to do in London and last week I was lucky enough to be invited along to a private viewing of the ATOPOS Paper Dress Collection, which…

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By Liz | November 27, 2018

Christmas really is just around the corner now.   If you are feeling overwhelmed by it all already, it might be a good idea to hand over your festive to-do list to a personal concierge.  We…

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The Declutter

By Liz | November 23, 2018

Clutter.  Where on earth does it come from?  For me, it seems to manifest itself in my wardrobe and shoe cupboard. I have regular clear-outs, especially of my wardrobe but before I know it, I’m…

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By Liz | October 25, 2018

Here at Price & Price Bespoke, we do love a bit of autumn.  For me it represents the time of year for new beginnings.  It reminds me of birthdays (my own and so many of…

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The Benefits of Hiring a Personal Concierge

By Liz | October 15, 2018

The benefits of hiring a personal concierge are many, mainly because we offer such a wide range of services that can be tailored exactly to your needs and lifestyle. Our clients are very busy people…

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Welcome to our blog!

By admin | September 12, 2018

As it’s our very first post, it might be a good idea to explain in a bit more detail the role of a concierge. For me personally, it’s fairly simple. My clients have things on…

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