Here at Price & Price Bespoke, we do love a bit of autumn.  For me it represents the time of year for new beginnings.  It reminds me of birthdays (my own and so many of my friends), the start of a new school year, starting university and other special moments.  There is also the anticipation of fun events coming up like Hallowe’en  and my very favourite night of the year, Bonfire Night. When I was young, Hallowe'en was barely acknowledged in the UK and now it's a huge industry with costumes to make, parties to organise and trick or treating to sort out.  Bonfire Night can also take some organisation and I should know! It's a big event in the Price family calendar.  We invite family and friends to share great food and drink, to be wowed by spectacular fireworks and to stand round a mighty bonfire catching up and eating cinder toffee. It's a lot of work, but very much worth it.

Autumn also strikes me as a good time for a clear out and a declutter before the chaos of Christmas, which will be upon us before we know it...

Oh, and everything looks so pretty!

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