Thank you for visiting my website.  Let me tell you a little bit more about myself.   I am Liz Price, owner of Price & Price Bespoke, a London-based concierge service business.   Originally from the West Midlands, I ended up in London – via Bradford where I studied, and Paris, where I lived for a while – and have been here since 1995.

In my previous life, I worked at a boutique management consulting firm in The City as the Finance and Operations Manager.   After 16 years at the coalface, I decided it was time to translate all that I had learned there into something that is meaningful to my clients.   Simply put, I am passionate about helping people, have an affinity for problem-solving, relish a challenge and really love being a personal concierge.

Nothing motivates me more than being able to help take the stress out of a client’s life and to restore their work-life balance.  Let’s have a chat soon.


Have a great day.


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Liz Price

Founder, Price & Price Bespoke Concierge Services